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XD-1860-A Fully automatic multi-function flat continuous film laminating machine

Temperature setting: The temperature setting is based on the melting point of the hot melt adhesive film, and 30 degrees is added to the melting point. The machine is set to 4 temperature zones, divided into upper and lower layers, that is, the upper and lower layers are divided into three groups of adjustable temperature zones; for example, the melting point is 120 degrees: the upper layer is set: the first group is 120 degrees, the second group is 130 degrees; the lower layer is: The first group is 120 degrees and the second group is 130 degrees. The thickness of the material can be changed by temperature;

Mechanical operation speed: speed depends on material;

Fitting pressure: The fitting pressure can be adjusted up to 8Mpa, which is set according to the customer's required fastness;

Cooling temperature: set according to the composite speed and temperature.


Model Model: XD-1860-A

Composite mode: film composite

Voltage Power SUPPLY: 4P/380V

Motor power Motor: 132NM / 15KW

Electric heating Heater: 48/kw

Maximum pressure MAX.Pressure: 8KG/CM2

Set temperature MAX.Temperature: normal temperature ~200 °C

Composite wide FusingWidth: 1650mm

Compound time FusingTime: 6m/min-16m/min

Mechanical Dimensions (mm): 11000*2280*2100

Net. Gross weight N.W/G.W: 4200/4500


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