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We have been working on the machine since its establishment in 1996. Always in the spirit of good faith, quality market principles. Professional manufacturing research and development: laminating (compound) - coating (layer) - drying - shaping - surface treatment and other high - performance equipment. We want to provide a full range of services. It's not just the equipment, but more about the industry. Our company is focusing on the research of hardware and software development, and is committed to professional training. Strict training and control of production process, quality requirements, energy conservation and emission reduction, equipment maintenance and maintenance. The equipment can achieve high quality, high efficiency and high productivity. Let the customer have the biggest market competitiveness, in order to respond to the market changes, and obtain more profit and development. To provide customers with perfect after-sales service and technical consultation is the purpose of our company's sustainable operation. Moreover, the company's products have been praised by customers at home and abroad. The most important thing is that we have rich experience to create more wealth and dreams for you.
Customer support is our driving force, Shanghai, chengdu, fujian, guangzhou and other places.
Our products are involved in more industries. Business scope: shoes, readymade garments/garments, lighting, furniture, sofa, air filter, hand luggage, cap, car, latex foam.

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