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Super glue machine.
From: Centurium inscription hardware (machinery) factory Post date: 2018-04-28

  What is a powerful glue mixer? The super glue machine is mainly used for TPU bonding EVA and TPE, PVC, PU, trademark paper, advertising paper, double-sided tape, foam rubber and other raw materials.
Preparation before use:
1. Cleaning the machine.
The machine surface has no water mark, oil, dirt, sundry, big drum, net belt, collect roller, guide wheel, glue roller, slurry wheel, knife board, glue baffle should wipe, clean clean.
Second, check the
1. Turn on the air switch, turn on the power supply, check whether the power supply and voltage are normal (the power is intact and the voltage wave is less than 10%).
2. Turn on the air pump switch, connect the air source, adjust the air pressure, check the airway of the whole machine, and whether there is a leak in the joint. Connect the steam source and check if there is a leak in the connector.
3. Check whether the screws, bearings, sprockets and pulley of each part are loose, shifting, falling off, and whether the belt and chain tightness is appropriate.
4. Set the desired temperature value on the temperature control table (the maximum setting limit of 160 degrees), and open the "heating switch" (at this time, the "heating indicator" is red).
5. Press the "run" button, after waiting for buzzer alarm disarm rotate speed adjustment "knobs to appropriate location (alarm length by large electric relay control in time, can be arbitrarily set in 0-6 seconds), the machine is normal: motor, worm gear reducer, chain drive part and heating roller, the bearing rotation is smooth, without exception, photoelectric switch, trip switch, electromagnetic valve, cylinder and mesh belt adjustment are consistent, mesh belt is running, and good net belt tightness on both sides.
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