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Common problems and processing methods of polishing machine.
From: Centurium inscription hardware (machinery) factory Post date: 2018-04-28

1. Common problems.
1. The polishing wheel does not run.
2. The cylinder is abnormal.
3. Uneven polishing.
2. Treatment methods.
1. Press the thermal protection reset button to return, check the missing phase with multimeter, break the circuit, and change the motor.
2. Adjust the air source pressure, replace the solenoid valve, adjust the throttle valve, and lubricate the oil cups.
3. Smooth polishing cloth wheel.
Malfunction: the whole machine cannot work and can not start.
I. causes:
1. The power switch is not opened.
2. The fuse is blown out.
3. "stop" button can't return.
4. Time relay, intermediate relays are loose and burnt.
2. Treatment methods.
1. Check whether the power switch is delivered and turned on.
2. Check whether the fuse has been burned or not, if so, please replace it.
3. Each "stop" press the button several times to enable it to return.
4. Tightening time relay, intermediate relay or replacement.
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